The Electoral College will be abolished and replaced by a direct popular vote; but not for 40-50 years.

There are many good reasons to replace the Electoral College with Direct Popular Vote using Rank Choice Voting to select our president. And eventually an amendment to the Constitution to end the Electoral College will be passed.

But Democrats have won the popular vote for president in every election since 1992, except in 2004. (That’s almost 30 years.) And based on the current demographic trends in immigration and the shift in population from small towns and rural areas to large cities and urban areas it doesn’t appear that these population trends, which tend to favor Democrats, will change soon.

But someday we will have a presidential election where the Republicans win the popular vote but the Democrats win the Electoral College and the Democrat will win the election.

Then suddenly Republicans will be the ones saying we should abolish the Electoral College because it’s such an undemocratic and outdated system and Democrats will be saying how our great Founding Fathers created the Electoral College that has worked well for 250 years and we shouldn’t change it.

And then we will pass a constitutional amendment replacing the Electoral College with a Direct Popular Vote for president using Ranked Choice Voting. Why? Because that’s how American politics works.

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