Let’s elect our president using National Popular Vote instead of by the Electoral College

To change the way we elect the president to whoever wins the national popular vote instead of by whoever wins the Electoral College vote we don’t need a constitutional amendment to abolish the Electoral College. There’s an easier way: The National Popular Vote Compact.

Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election

The Constitution lets the states each decide how to choose their own electors to the Electoral College. States agreeing to join the National Popular Vote Compact would allocate all of their electors to the Electoral College based on the winner of the popular vote in the entire country instead of who won the popular vote in their own state. The National Popular Vote Compact goes into effect when states totaling 270 Electoral College votes decide to join the compact.

The National Popular Vote Compact does not abolish the Electoral College. In fact it leaves it exactly as it is in the Constitution. It also does not change the Winner-Take-All state rules that allocates all of a state’s Electoral College votes to the winner of the popular vote in that state. It also does not replace our current system of state elections run by the 50 state election departments with one national election run by the federal government.

The National Popular Vote merely lets the states change the way they choose their Electors to the Electoral College. Since the Constitution, as our Founding Fathers wrote it in 1787, allows the states to select their state Electors any way they choose, using the National Popular Vote system to elect our president is entirely constitutional.

16 states, including DC, with a total of 196 Electoral College votes have now joined the compact. When states totaling 74 more Electoral College votes join the compact it will go into effect and we will choose the presidential candidate that wins the most popular votes in the entire country to be our next president.

For more info go to: NationalPopularVote.com

1 thought on “Let’s elect our president using National Popular Vote instead of by the Electoral College

  1. Is it really that much easier than getting a constitutional amendment?


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