I had a heart attack on August 4, 2019

I had a heart attack on Sunday morning August 4, 2019 at South Osprey and Mound Street in Sarasota while riding my bike to church (I was 68). A Good SamarItan nurse driving by saw me and instead of “crossing over to the other side” came to help me. They called 911 and gave me CPR until the ambulance arrived. Sarasota County Rescue One EMS took me to the Sarasota Memorial Hospital Emergency Room within 20 minutes of my heart attack. All of Jeff Bezos’ money couldn’t buy that kind of luck.

Because of this unknown Good Samaritan I have been able to continue working on my blog site on voting and elections (AllUSCitizensShouldVote.com). This is what I’m doing with the life you gave back to me. I hope you approve.

If I ever find out who this Good Samaritan is I will take them to dinner at Deval’s seafood restaurant in Sarasota to say thank you .

I get discouraged when I see all the bad things happening in the news. But there is a least one good person out there that restores my faith in humanity.

Steve Scott, Sarasota, Florida, August 4, 2021

Blog site: AllUSCitizensShouldVote.com

“Helping more people to vote in Free and Fair Elections”

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