Billionaires should not decide elections, the voters should

As a Democrat I am very happy that Bloomberg is spending $100 million in Florida to help Biden. But I am very worried that our democracy allows that much political power to be given to just one person. What’s to prevent a Republican billionaire from spending $200 million in Florida? In a democracy elections should be determined by voting in elections where everyone has one equal vote, not by a handful of billionaires spending ungodly sums of their personal finances.

p.s. Note that Bloomberg is spending this huge amount of money in a swing state. He knows that because of the Winner Take All state laws and the Electoral College that votes in non swing states don’t really count in a presidential election and spending his money in any non swing state would be a total waste of his money.


p.p.s. Breaking News 9/16/20! Republican billionaire Sheldon Adelson just announced that he will be donating up to $50 million to Trump’s campaign(Not clear what swing states this will be spent in). Note for you literal types, the following is sarcasm. Dems will now not have to worry about losing Florida because their billionaire is spending more in Florida than Trump’s billionaire. Everyone knows that in today’s political climate that elections are now decided on who spends the most money in a campaign not on which candidate best answers the issues important to the voters.

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