Winner-Take-All disenfranchises 75% of voters in presidential elections.

The biggest problem with the Electoral College is not that in the past 20 years we elected two presidents that did not win the popular vote.

The biggest problem with the Electoral College is the Winner-Take-All state election laws that effectively disenfranchise 75% of Americans from voting in a presidential election because only votes in swing states really count.

In the 2020 election these are the 15 swing states (where the Biden campaign is spending money on ads). Note: Texas and Georgia are new swing states in 2020 because the Democrats think they might have a chance of flipping them like Trump did in Wisconsin and Michigan in 2016.

15 Swing States in 2020:








New Hampshire

New Mexico

North Carolina






If you don’t live in one of these 15 states your vote effectively won’t count for president on November 3. That’s what the Winner-Take-All states laws for the Electoral College will do to our democracy in 2020. (Maine and Nebraska have modified Winner-Take-All election laws that might effect one Electoral College vote, in each of these two states, out of a total of 538 Electoral College votes in the entire country).

So if you live in the large states of California or New York or the small states of Wyoming or Delaware the presidential candidates could care less what issues are important to you, for Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, because your votes won’t make any difference in who wins the election,

The presidential candidates will  only campaign or spend money in these 15 swing states. They do however fundraise in non-swing states. So if you live in a non swing state the presidential candidates care about your campaign donations but don’t care about what you think let alone want to help solve your problems or support the issues that are important to you.

So all those national polls that show Biden leading Trump are totally irrelevant. Only the polls in the 15 swing states mean anything.

The current concern about the post office delaying the mail and so preventing Vote by Mail ballots only counts in swing states.  So all those mail boxes that the post office boxes removed in Montana might delay senior citizens getting their meds on time in Montana but will have no effect in the presidential election because Montana is not a swing state.

And the court case that allows Rhode Island to allow Vote by Mail ballots to be submitted without a witness signature: you guessed it, is irrelevant to the outcome of the presidential election because Rhode Island is not a swing state.

The Secretary of State of Ohio, who just stopped local election departments from installing more Vote by Mail drop boxes: that might actually effect the presidential election because Ohio is a swing state.

So on election night, or more likely in 2020 election week, if you want to find out who the next president will be only pay attention to the voting results in the 15 swing states. So if it takes 6 weeks to count the ballots in California or New York or there’s a big legal fight in New Jersey whether the Vote by Mail ballots should be counted if they arrive by Election Day or are just postmarked by Election Day don’t pay any attention to what happens in those states because they’re not swing states.

Now if those same issues are in Pennsylvania, Ohio or Wisconsin how those issues are resolved could change who the next president is.

That’s how our current Electoral College system works to select the President, because of the Winner-Take-All state laws. That is not how I think the Founding Fathers wanted the Electoral College to work when they created it back in 1787.

Steve Scott, U.S. Citizen & Voter, Sarasota, Florida

Your comments, both positive and negative, will be greatly appreciated.

1 thought on “Winner-Take-All disenfranchises 75% of voters in presidential elections.

  1. Most people think swing states are more important in a presidential election. To paraphrase Vince Lombardi; swing states aren’t more important, they are the only states that are important.


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