Your one vote can make a difference

Your one vote makes a difference, small, but a difference never the less. Ask Herbert Connolly how important one vote can be. He ran for Massachusetts Governor’s Council in 1988. He got to his polling place too late to vote. He lost by one vote, his own. And if your one vote is combined with others like yours, it can make a big difference.

   In a democracy we have a patriotic duty to study the issues and the candidates and vote for the candidates that support the issues we care about.

   Most politicians don’t really care about you; only if your vote can get them elected. Just ask the people in Puerto Rico. So Vote!

   Are elections totally fair? No. But vote anyway. Powerful people don’t want you to vote so the government can benefit them and not you. They know that if everyone votes they won’t win.

   Vote to honor the veterans who fought and died for your right to vote.

   Don’t like any of the candidates?  Write, “None of the above” on the write-in line and let them know how you really feel; much better way to protest than not voting.

   If you don’t vote for any of the candidates at least vote for the ballot questions.

   Even if your one vote doesn’t make a big difference, at least the politicians had to listen to your better way to run the government.

   And if you don’t vote you don’t have a right to complain. Then your family and friends won’t have to listen to your complaining about how bad our government is.

   If you’re not a U.S. citizen hurry up and become a citizen so you can vote and have your voice heard in the greatest democracy in the world.

Steve Scott, U.S. Citizen & Voter, Sarasota, Florida

1 thought on “Your one vote can make a difference

  1. America is a free country and I don’t have to vote if I don’t want to.


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